Releasing Your Grief

6-Week Grief Workshop for Widows and Widowers – Releasing  Your Grief

How Grief WorksBeing a widow or a widower puts you on an emotional roller coaster.  Where do you start to pick up the pieces? How do you get through each day without your spouse by your side? How do you handle the grief of your loss?

Getting through the days and nights takes time – and it takes work, lots of it. Finding your “new normal” doesn’t just happen. Building a new life is a challenge as well as a journey.

But it’s not impossible.

I know. I know because I’ve been there. I’ve been on the dark side of loss. In 2010, my husband unexpectedly passed away. It was rough, for sure. But, I began journaling and doing other things which were both therapeutic and healing.

Eventually I went for counseling. When the counselor told me to journal, I told her I was already doing it. She told me to visit with friends. Well, I never stopped doing that. Then she told me to stay active, which I had been. I instinctually knew what to do to help me release the pain of grief and find my “new normal”.

But when I told her I was lonely, she told me to volunteer at the hospital or library. When I hear those words it became very clear that she didn’t understand the hole my husband’s passing left in my heart. She wasn’t married how could she know? Volunteering wasn’t going to kiss me good night, good morning, or anytime in between. Volunteering wasn’t going to give me a big bear hug when I needed one…or even when I didn’t need one. There are voids that can’t be filled by volunteering somewhere. Now don’t get me wrong – it’s good to volunteer, but don’t think for a minute that it will “fix” you or lessen the heartache!

DISCLAIMER: I'm not a licensed therapist - but I am someone who has been there and done that. I've felt the pain of spousal loss. I've been in the darkness of hurt and heartbreak.


My 6-Week “Releasing Your Grief” workshops can be held in many of the 55+ communities in the Mesa, Apache Junction, and Gilbert areas. Contact me if you’re interested in getting a group going in your community.

The workshops consist of:

  • Sharing your grief story – over and over – as often as you need to talk it out.
  • Talking about the pain, thoughts and feelings you have bottled up inside
  • Sharing memories of your spouse – good and not so good
  • Visualization exercises
  • Journaling your grief story. Fill the pages with your heartache and release your pain
  • The use of adult coloring books as a therapeutic tool to help you think more clearly and release stress
  • Lots and lots of talking – on YOUR part

My job is to ask you questions. Your job is to answer them so that you can find your own answers to your healing journey. I can’t “fix” you. NO ONE can “fix” you. YOU are the only one who can do that.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve. There is no judgement either. What is right for you is the only thing that counts.

Your grief stories are confidential. What is said in the room stays in the room. Journal entries do not have to be shared – unless you want to share them.

More Details

The workshops are ONCE a week for 6 weeks.  I prefer to hold the workshops inside 55+ communities. Dates are based on when a group can be formed and where.

You bring your own journal – one you like and you feel you’ll enjoy writing in. In addition you will bring your own adult coloring book and colored pencils. These are easily found at Walmart and even grocery stores. I’ve even found them at the Dollar Tree. Purchase a book that interests you. There are so many different kinds with different designs. Floral, shapes, animals, mandalas, abstract and others. When you like your journal and your coloring books, you’re more likely to use them.


Group workshops are only $97.00….

Cash, check or credit cards are accepted.

Contact me at:

Grief Coaching
The grieving process takes time, and it takes a lot of hard work on your part. You should never go through it by yourself.  Working with someone who knows your pain first hand will allow you to feel comfortable and ready to let go of your hurt. Allow me to join you on your healing journey. Learn More 
About Eydie
Eydie has been a widow since October 2010. The passing of her husband was sudden. She went through the denial, disbelief, the anger and self-blame, depression and finally, the acceptance of her husband’s death. Eydie also knows that sometimes you just want someone to listen. Learn More
On her Blog, “Through the Heart of a Widow”, Eydie shares her experiences, as well as the experiences of others that she has coached along the way. Would you like to share your journey with her and her readers? Please email her at for her guidelines. Read the Blog 


Names are withheld due to privacy.

“I recently participated in a very healing five weeks of grief sessions. I didn’t know what to expect, but having lost my son suddenly a few months prior to this changed my life forever, I felt I needed help in understanding this loss and to learn how to cope with it and continue on.

Eydie started myself and a few others out with what she called “small steps” in dealing with our grief and we excelled each subsequent week. With her expertise we learned how to accept our loss, but not to forget it.

We spent time in caring conversations about our losses. We did therapeutic adult coloring, journaling, and we share memories and pictures. We cried and when we needed, we would even scream as we processed our emotions. And the list of activities generously went on and on.

It was comforting and I understood that there was no right or wrong way in grieving and mourning as everyone handles loss in their own way.

With deep gratitude I am thankful to Eydie for all her “hugs” and classes that have helped me through this difficult and sad time in my life. The information I have learned and experienced from her grief sessions will help me on my bad days that may lie ahead.”

“I needed to have a positive way of releasing all the pain of being in a relationship that was based on deceit. Journaling was therapeutic in that it was a step-by-step process of letting go and carrying on. It was an excellent class, but I’m still a work in progress.”

“I was touched by the genuine sympathy and compassion I felt while our group met. I could see that the sessions had been planned to take into consideration, and be sensitive to, the needs of each individual.

Though each personal grief is different, factors common to all grief experiences were discussed and individual needs were addressed, in an atmosphere of comfort and support. I appreciated the practical suggestions and visual aids and while I didn’t take full advantage of them at the time, I will use them.

To anyone who is grieving, whether you are working through a loss that is still so fresh that it’s like an open wound; or dealing with feelings of sadness and loss from years past; I think you will gain something of value from this class; I know I did.”