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Releasing Grief Through JournalingI understand that many widows and widowers may not be ready to talk to someone about their pain, cost might be an issue, or they’re not comfortable sharing their feelings with another person. I get all of that. I too wasn’t willing to confide in someone else. I didn’t want to feel the vulnerability it involves. I also didn’t want anyone telling me I’m grieving wrong – which, by the way, was a wrong way of thinking. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. We all grieve differently and on our own schedule.

One of the ways I came to grips with my husband’s passing was by blogging (writing/journaling) my feelings.  Whether you’re blogging or keeping a journal, getting your feelings out by writing them down is a powerful way to release your pain. There’s no right or wrong way to write. There are no rules. Simply pick up a pen, get some paper and start jotting down words, sentences – ANYTHING to get you going. No rules. No spell check. No grammar check. Just you, a pen/pencil, and paper (Or create a blog. I can help you with that).

To get you started, my e-workbook, 21 + Grief and Healing Journaling Prompts, gives you some structured writing exercises that will allow you to work through your pain. In between doing the writing exercises, work on your own creative free writing.

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Grief Journaling ebook

Grief Coaching
The grieving process takes time, and it takes a lot of hard work on your part. You should never go through it by yourself.  Working with someone who knows your pain first hand will allow you to feel comfortable and ready to let go of your hurt. Allow me to join you on your healing journey. Learn More 
About Eydie
Eydie has been a widow since October 2010. The passing of her husband was sudden. She went through the denial, disbelief, the anger and self-blame, depression and finally, the acceptance of her husband’s death. Eydie also knows that sometimes you just want someone to listen. Learn More
On her Blog, “Through the Heart of a Widow”, Eydie shares her experiences, as well as the experiences of others that she has coached along the way. Would you like to share your journey with her and her readers? Please email her at for her guidelines. Read the Blog 



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