Adult Coloring

COLOR MORE, STRESS LESS – Move your healing journey forward.

I was a closet colorer!

For so many years, as an adult, I hid the fact that I loved coloring. I’d have my own box of crayons and a small library of coloring books which I hid from my children. Once the kiddos went to sleep, I’d pull out my stash and color for hours. Coloring always made me feel less stressed and more relaxed. Little did I know all those years ago, coloring was therapeutic.

Now – fast forward to today – and adult coloring has become all the rage. Special adult coloring books have sprung up all over the place – and believe me – I have a number of them. I also have a variety of colored pencils to aid me in my obsession. But they have to be Crayola. I guess I’m a colored pencil snob. LOL

Recently, I went through full knee replacement surgery. Talk about being stressed! I colored my way through my pain. And I have to say, it helped me tremendously. While coloring my brain travels a mile a minute. During one of my travels, I decided that in addition to journaling, I was going to add coloring to my coaching services.

The benefits are many. 

  • Coloring calms down the busiest of minds
  • Coloring lets you nurture your inner artist
  • Coloring may inspire you to create the next greatest invention
  • Coloring provides relief to a brain overloaded by too many choices
  • Coloring promotes optimism and inspiration
  • Coloring helps you age gracefully

So, let’s begin coloring! You can purchase your coloring books and pencils anywhere, but here’s a short list of books you can find on Amazon that you may not find in the stores.

Click the name below the pictures

Crayola Colored Pencils

Crayola Colored Pencils

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