About Eydie Stumpf

You give yourself permission to grieve by recognizing the need for grieving. Grieving is the natural way of working through the loss of a love. Grieving is not weakness nor absence of faith. Grieving is as natural as crying when you are hurt, sleeping when you are tired or sneezing when your nose itches. It is nature’s way of healing a broken heart. – Doug Manning

Eydie StumpfEydie has been a widow since October 2010. The passing of her husband was sudden, which of course, took her by surprise. She went through the denial, disbelief, the anger and self-blame, the depression and finally, the acceptance of her husband’s death.

Since 2012, Eydie has wanted to help widows and widowers get through the grieving and healing process, but didn’t know where to begin.

After her husband, Dale, passed away she began her own grief blog. Writing about her pain, fears, and her journey to healing has helped her find her “new normal”. Three years after writing her first blog post, she began reading her blog posts from the most current all the way back to the first post. She was stunned, to see how far she had come along since that fateful October day. As she read her blog posts, she was able to see the tears dripping off the words she typed.

Is she the same person today – the same person who typed those tearful words of grief years past? No, she isn’t the same person. – she is stronger. Stronger than she’s ever been. Reading all her posts gave her tangible proof that she was moving on with her life and that the pain of her loss, and the hole in her heart, were being healed.

This is the experience she wishes to share with other widow and widowers – whether near or far. Eydie, who is NLP certified (Neuro Linguistic Programming), feels that blogging about her grief has allowed her to heal much quicker than if she hadn’t written one single word. Writing allowed her to creatively express her pain, fears and hopes.

Grief Coaching
The grieving process takes time, and it takes a lot of hard work on your part. You should never go through it by yourself.  Working with someone who knows your pain first hand will allow you to feel comfortable and ready to let go of your hurt. Allow me to join you on your healing journey. Learn More 
About Eydie
Eydie has been a widow since October 2010. The passing of her husband was sudden. She went through the denial, disbelief, the anger and self-blame, depression and finally, the acceptance of her husband’s death. Eydie also knows that sometimes you just want someone to listen. Learn More
On her Blog, “Through the Heart of a Widow”, Eydie shares her experiences, as well as the experiences of others that she has coached along the way. Would you like to share your journey with her and her readers? Please email her at eydiestumpf@me.com for her guidelines. Read the Blog